ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR BRIAN GUNIA and ASSISTANT PROFESSOR COLLEEN STUART received the Faculty Recognition Award in spring 2016 from students in the MBA/Master of Public Health program offered jointly by the Carey Business School and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

“Morality’s Centrality to Liking, Respecting, and Understanding Others,” a study co-authored by ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ERIK HELZER with five colleagues from Wake Forest University, was pub- lished online in June in Social, Psy- chological and Personality Science. Helzer also co-wrote the paper “Once a utilitarian, consistently a utilitarian? Examining principled- ness in moral judgment via the ro- bustness of individual differences,” published in May in the Journal of Personality.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR SHARON KIM wrote the chapter “Generating Creative Ideas as a Group for Quality Improvement” for the book Resident’s Handbook of Medical Quality and Safety, published last May by Springer.

ALONZO AND VIRGINIA DECKER PROFESSOR OF STRATEGY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP PHILLIP PHAN and PROFESSOR PETER PRONOVOST were among the co-authors of the paper “Hand- offs, safety culture, and practices: evidence from the hospital survey on patient safety culture.” It was published in July in BMC Health Services Research. Phan also wrote the chapter “Sur- vey Methodology” for the book Resident’s Handbook of Medical Quality and Safety, published last May by Springer. Additionally, Phan co-authored the study “A theory of family employee involvement during resource paucity,” published online in August by the Journal of Family Business Strategy.

Provonost and BLOOMBERG DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR KATHLEEN SUTCLIFFE , with Lori Paine, director of patient safety at Johns Hopkins Medicine, co-authored the paper “Re-examining high reliability: actively organising for safety,” which appeared last March in BMJ Quality and Safety.

Sutcliffe also served as an editor and a contributing writer to the book The Healthcare Professional Work force: Understanding Human Capital in a Changing Industry, which was to be published September 2016 by Oxford University Press.