A revised edition of ASSISTANT PROFESSOR YUVAL BAR-OR’s book Pillars of Wealth: Personal Finance Essentials for Medical Professionals was published in January by The Light Brigade.

A paper co-authored by ASSISTANT PROFESSOR JIM KYUNG- SOO LIEW, “Tweet Sentiments and Crowd-Sourced Earnings Estimates as Valuable Sources of Informa- tion around Earnings Releases,” appeared last December in The Journal of Alternative Investments.

In October 2016, Liew presented a study, “The ‘Sixth’ Factor – Social Media Factor Derived Directly from Tweet Sentiments,” at the annual symposium of Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for Data Intensive Engineering and Science.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ALESSANDRO REBUCCI co-authored the paper “Optimal capital controls and real exchange rate policies: A pecuniary externality perspective,” published last December in the Journal of Monetary Economics.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR XIAN SUN co-authored the paper “State ownership and market liberalization: Evidence from China’s domestic M&A market” for the Journal of International Money and Finance. It was published online last July and in print in December.

Another study co-written by Sun, “The trade-off between compensation contracts and debt covenants in financial contracting,” was judged the best paper presented at the 6th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society, held last June at the University of Málaga in Spain.

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR KEN YOOK and SENIOR LECTURER JEFFREY HOOKE are co-authors of the paper “An Analysis of Re- turns of Moderately-Aged Buyout Funds with Low Residual Values,” published in March in The Journal of Alternative Investments.