TINGLONG DAITINGLONG DAI (PhD in Operations Management, Carnegie Mellon University, 2013) is an assistant professor in the research track with expertise in health care operations management, marketing-operations interfaces, and operations research/computer science interfaces.

KEVIN FRICKKEVIN FRICK (PhD in Economics and Health Services Organization and Policy, University of Michigan, 1996) is a professor with expertise in cost-effectiveness analysis in fields ranging from ophthalmology to nursing to cancer care. He is the vice dean for education of the Carey Business School, and he has a faculty appointment with the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

HYEONGMIN KIMHYEONGMIN “CHRISTIAN” KIM (PhD in Marketing, University of Michigan, 2002) is an associate professor with expertise in self-control, materialism, and sales promotion.

EMILIA SIMEONOVAEMILIA SIMEONOVA (PhD in Economics, Columbia University, 2008) is an assistant professor with expertise in areas that include the economics of health care delivery, patient adherence to therapy, the interaction between physicians and patients, racial disparities in health outcomes, and children’s health.

VALERIE SUSLOWVALERIE SUSLOW (PhD in Economics, Stanford University, 1984) is the vice dean for faculty and research and a professor with expertise in the economics of explicit price-fixing and cartel operations, specifically the determinants of cartel duration and how organizational features of cartels contribute to their stability.

HAIYANG YANGHAIYANG YANG (PhD in Marketing, INSEAD, 2013) is an assistant professor with expertise in marketing and decision making.