BLOOMBERG DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR PAUL FERRARO served as co-editor, with Distinguished Professor Robert Pressey of James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, of a 350th-anniversary special issue of Philosophical Transactions, a journal of the Royal Society, the United Kingdom’s national academy of science. Ferraro also co-authored three articles for the issue, which appeared online last October and was organized around the theme “Measuring the difference made by protected areas: methods, applications and implications for policy and practice.”

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ANGELO MELE presented the paper “Variational approximations for the exponential random graph model” last summer at the 16th
Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Economics and Computation in Portland, Oregon. Mele co-authored the paper with Lingjiong Zhu of the University of Minnesota.

In addition, Mele and ASSISTANT PROFESSOR MARIO MACIS co-authored, with Associate Professor Nicola Lacetera of the University of Toronto, the article “Viral Altruism? Charitable Giving and Social Contagion in Online Networks,” forthcoming in Sociological Science.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR SHABNAM MOUSAVI plans to spend another summer as an invited research scholar at the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition at the Max Planck institute for Human Development in Berlin. She will be working on a study of heuristic decision making with an interdisciplinary team of scientists from around the world.

Mousavi also is on a team of five editors preparing chapters for an edition of the Routledge Handbook of Behavioral Economics and is writing a chapter for the book, which is expected to be published this July. She also continues to write a book, on “fast and frugal decision making,” that is forthcoming from Palgrave MacMillan.

Last December the Bank of England published a “staff working paper” titled “Does easing monetary policy increase financial stability?” The paper was co-authored by ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ALESSANDRO REBUCCI and Bank of England economist Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi.

Additionally, “Are capital controls countercyclical?,” a paper by Rebucci with Andrés Fernández of the Inter-American Development Bank and Professor Martin Uribe of Columbia University, was published last November in the Journal of Monetary Economics.

In January, Rebucci presented his research on macro-prudential policies and capital controls at three separate sessions of the Allied Social Science Associations in San Francisco. He also gave panel presentations on the global housing outlook and associated risks at the Peterson Institute of International Economics, the U.S.-Japan Housing Finance Roundtable, the Realtor University, and the International Housing Association.

A working paper co-authored by ASSISTANT PROFESSOR EMILIA SIMEONOVA, “Parental Influences on Health and Longevity: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees,” was issued in January by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Her co-authors were Professor Mikael Lindahl of the University of Gothenburg, doctoral candidate Evelina Lundberg of Uppsala University, and Professor Mårten Palme of Stockholm University.